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In order to maintain social distancing and proper protection for our clients

  • Appointments should be made, as opposed to clients “dropping in”

  • Only one client will be in the office at a time. A client may enter with another person provided at the client in the other person are a “household”
  • Clients are to wait in their vehicles until the time of their appointment and then come to the office and enter
  • On entering the office, clients are respectfully requested to use the hand sanitizer on the small round green table at the entrance
  • On entering the office, clients are requested to remain behind the gold chain and black barrier.
  • When it is time to enter the board room, clients will be invited back and shown where to sit. The board room chairs are situated a little more than 2 metres apart with an oval table separating lawyer and the client.
  • On entering the office, clients are kindly requested to advise if they have a cough or are feeling unwell. The appointment will not be cancelled, but the client will be provided with a mask and/or gloves, as required.
  • All reading material, such as the daily newspaper, legal assistance material, business cards, brochures and the like has been removed from the reception area. Please ask for a brochure or business card and you will be provided with them.
  • Clients without appointments are not to enter the office, they are to telephone 250-361-1455 and advise our staff that they are there and need to enter for whatever purpose they have attended.
  • When booking appointments clients are encouraged to advise if they are on self-isolation status and/or are feeling unwell. We cannot provide appointments to clients on self-isolation status, but depending on the nature of how the client is feeling, we may or may not be able to provide an appointment, depending on the nature and kind of symptoms.
  • We are unable to offer beverages but can offer self-served unopened small water bottles.